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Birmingham WFO Calera
KIH54 162.550 Birmingham AL
from Barber Motorsports *3P-SSL*
Mobile WFO Mobile
KEC61 162.550 Mobile AL
from Fairhope Weather *3P-SSL*
Mena WFO North Little Rock
KXI97 162.400 Mena AR
from KAWX *SH-SSL*
Springdale WFO Tulsa
WNG694 162.400 Springdale AR
from Ozarks *WRO*
Los Angeles WFO Oxnard
KWO37 162.550 Los Angeles CA
from Altadena WeatherCam *3P-SSL*
Monterey WFO Monterey
KEC49 162.550 Monterey CA
from Saratoga-Weather.org *WRO*
Monterey Marine WFO Monterey
WWF64 162.450 Monterey Marine CA
from Saratoga-Weather.org *WRO*
Sacramento WFO Sacramento
KEC57 162.550 Sacramento CA
from El Dorado Weather *3P-SSL*
Winnipeg WFO Environment Canada
XLM538 162.550 Winnipeg MB
from MJ *WRO*
Collingwood WFO Environment Canada
XMJ316 162.475 Collingwood ON
from qp2trz *WRO*
Orillia WFO Environment Canada
VBV562 162.400 Orillia ON
from qp2trz*WRO*
Parry Sound WFO Environment Canada
VBT629 162.550 Parry Sound ON
from qp2trz
Washington DC WFO Sterling
WNG736 162.450 Washington DC DC
from NASA Satellite Services Greenbelt MD *3P-SSL*
Belle Glade WFO Miami
WXM58 162.400 Belle Glade FL
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Daytona Beach WFO Melbourne
KIH26 162.400 Daytona Beach FL
from Daytona International Speedway *3P-SSL*
Fort Myers WFO Ruskin
WXK83 162.475 Fort Myers FL
from Capeweather.com *WRO*
Hialeah Spanish WFO Miami
WZ2531 162.500 Hialeah Spanish FL
from EspañolCourtesy of 'Ms. Lion'*WRO*
Miami WFO Miami
KHB34 162.550 Miami FL
from Courtesy of 'Ms. Lion'*WRO*
Miami WFO Miami
KHB34 162.550 Miami FL
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Naples WFO Miami
WWG92 162.525 Naples FL
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Princeton WFO Miami
WNG663 162.425 Princeton FL
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
West Palm Beach WFO Miami
KEC50 162.475 West Palm Beach FL
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Tampa Bay WFO Ruskin
KHB32 162.550 Tampa Bay FL
from Lake Fantasia Weather *WRO*
Atlanta WFO Peachtree City
KEC80 162.550 Atlanta GA
from GeauxPJ Life Safety *WRO*
Maui WFO Honolulu
WWG75 162.400 Maui HI
from AH6GR - Aloha State *3P-SSL*
Salmon WFO Missoula
KPS509 162.500 Salmon ID
from Boise State Public Radio *SH-SSL*
Champaign WFO Lincoln
WXJ76 162.550 Champaign IL
from K9SWX *WRO*
Chicago WFO Romeoville
KWO39 162.550 Chicago IL
from CFC International *3P-SSL*
Dixon WFO Romeoville
KZZ55 162.525 Dixon IL
from Dixon Weather *3P-SSL*
Galesburg WFO Lincoln
KZZ66 162.400 Galesburg IL
from Tim Y. KT9Y *WRO*
Kankakee WFO Romeoville
KZZ58 162.525 Kankakee IL
from Olivet Nazarene University and Shine.FM *3P-SSL*
Lockport WFO Romeoville
KZZ81 162.425 Lockport IL
from Nick F. *3P-SSL*
Marion WFO Paducah
WXM49 162.425 Marion IL
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Peoria WFO Lincoln
WXJ71 162.475 Peoria IL
from Tim Y. KT9Y *WRO*
Plano WFO Romeoville
KXI58 162.400 Plano IL
from Goose Lake Weather *3P-SSL*
Quad Cities WFO Davenport
WXJ73 162.550 Quad Cities IL
from John F *3P-SSL*
Rockford WFO Romeoville
KZZ57 162.475 Rockford IL
from Winnebago County Sheriffs Office *3P-SSL*
Evansville WFO Paducah
KIG76 162.550 Evansville IN
from Radio2Way Weather *WRO*
Fort Wayne WFO North Webster
WXJ58 162.550 Fort Wayne IN
from deQVI Weather *3P-SSL*
Indianapolis WFO Indianapolis
KEC74 162.550 Indianapolis IN
from Fox Hollow Weather Station *WRO*
South Bend WFO North Webster
WXJ57 162.400 South Bend IN
from My Mishawaka Weather*WRO*
Des Moines WFO Johnston
WXL57 162.550 Des Moines IA
from Nick (NDS)*3P-SSL*
Milford WFO Sioux Falls
KZZ80 162.550 Milford IA
from Dickinson County Emergency Management*WRO*
Sioux City WFO Sioux Falls
WXL62 162.475 Sioux City IA
from IowanEASFan*WRO*
Topeka WFO Topeka
WXK91 162.475 Topeka KS
from cirrus *WRO*
Frankfort WFO Louisville
WZ2523 162.500 Frankfort KY
from Frankfort Weather*WRO*
Lexington WFO Louisville
KIH41 162.400 Lexington KY
from KD4NSQ *3P-SSL*
Owenton WFO Wilmington
KZZ48 162.450 Owenton KY
from Frankfort Weather *WRO*
Monroe WFO Shreveport
WXJ96 162.550 Monroe LA
from Bayou State Weather *3P-SSL*
Dresden WFO Gray
WSM60 162.475 Dresden ME
from Albert Church Brown Memorial Library *3P-SSL*
Falmouth WFO Gray
KDO95 162.550 Falmouth ME
from Scarborough Weather *3P-SSL*
Baltimore WFO Sterling
KEC83 162.400 Baltimore MD
from Univ of Maryland Medical Center *3P-SSL*
Hagerstown WFO Sterling
WXM42 162.475 Hagerstown MD
from Clifton VA Weather *WRO*
Bourne/Hyannis WFO Taunton
KEC73 162.550 Bourne/Hyannis MA
from Harwich MA Live Weather*WRO*
Gloucester Marine WFO Taunton
WNG574 162.425 Gloucester Marine MA
from Brian's Space*3P-SSL*
Worcester WFO Taunton
WXL93 162.550 Worcester MA
from Auburn Weather Live *3P-SSL*
Detroit WFO White Lake
KEC63 162.550 Detroit MI
from Courtesy of 'SPCDetroitPontiac 1149' *WRO*
Grand Rapids WFO Grand Rapids
KIG63 162.550 Grand Rapids MI
Hesperia WFO Grand Rapids
WWF36 162.475 Hesperia MI
from HerseyWeather.com *WRO*
Mount Pleasant WFO Grand Rapids
KZZ33 162.525 Mount Pleasant MI
from HerseyWeather.com*WRO*
Onondaga WFO Grand Rapids
WXK81 162.400 Onondaga MI
from Courtesy of 'Donny'*WRO*
Petoskey WFO Gaylord
WNG572 162.475 Petoskey MI
from Lake Huron Weather Ⓒ*WRO*
Plainwell WFO Grand Rapids
WWF34 162.475 Plainwell MI
from Courtesy of 'Donny'*WRO*
Wolf Lake WFO Grand Rapids
WNG672 162.425 Wolf Lake MI
from HerseyWeather.com*WRO*
LaCrescent WFO La Crosse
WXJ86 162.550 LaCrescent MN
from De Soto Valley Weather*WRO*
Minneapolis/St. Paul WFO Chanhassen
KEC65 162.550 Minneapolis/St. Paul MN
from Blaine MN Weather*SH-SSL*
Hannibal WFO Weldon Spring
WXK82 162.475 Hannibal MO
from Michael S*3P-SSL*
St. Louis WFO Weldon Spring
KDO89 162.550 St. Louis MO
from Matt C*3P-SSL*
Beatrice WFO Valley
KZZ69 162.450 Beatrice NE
from Friend Weather Nebraska*3P-SSL*
Lincoln WFO Valley
WXM20 162.475 Lincoln NE
from Southeast Lincoln Weather*WRO*
Omaha WFO Valley
KIH61 162.400 Omaha NE
from ChappelleWeather.com*WRO*
Fernley WFO Reno
WWG20 162.450 Fernley NV
from Roller Network *SH-SSL*
Reno WFO Reno
WXK58 162.550 Reno NV
from Roller Network *SH-SSL*
Concord WFO Gray
WXJ40 162.400 Concord NH
from Bob *WRO*
Mt. Washington WFO Gray
KZZ41 162.500 Mt. Washington NH
from Bob *WRO*
Southard WFO Mount Holly
WXM60 162.450 Southard NJ
from Toms River Fire Department *3P-SSL*
Albuquerque WFO Albuquerque
WXJ34 162.400 Albuquerque NM
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Des Moines WFO Albuquerque
WXL90 162.550 Des Moines NM
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Farmington WFO Albuquerque
WXJ37 162.475 Farmington NM
from Victor L *WRO*
Roswell WFO Albuquerque
WWG36 162.450 Roswell NM
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast
Albany WFO Albany
WXL34 162.550 Albany NY
from Colonie Weather Online *WRO*
Buffalo WFO Buffalo
KEB98 162.550 Buffalo NY
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Highland WFO Albany
WXL37 162.475 Highland NY
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Middleville WFO Albany
WXM45 162.425 Middleville NY
from Indian Trail Weather *WRO*
Riverhead WFO Upton
WXM80 162.475 Riverhead NY
from Crab Meadow Weather *WRO*
Rochester WFO Buffalo
KHA53 162.400 Rochester NY
from KHA-53 Rochester *WRO*
Syracuse WFO Binghamton
WXL31 162.550 Syracuse NY
from Fairmount Hills Weather *WRO*
Bismarck WFO Bismarck
WXL78 162.475 Bismarck ND
from Bismarck Weather Net *WRO*
Bridgeport WFO Coraopolis
WWF35 162.525 Bridgeport OH
from Upper Ohio Valley Weather *3P-SSL*
Columbus WFO Wilmington
KIG86 162.550 Columbus OH
from Fairfield County Weather *WRO*
Grafton WFO Cleveland
WNG698 162.500 Grafton OH
from Weather TechTim.Net *3P-SSL*
Mansfield WFO Cleveland
WWG57 162.450 Mansfield OH
from Bryan W *WRO*
Bartlesville WFO Tulsa
WNG644 162.425 Bartlesville OK
from Bartlesville Weather *3P-SSL*
Oklahoma City WFO Norman
WXK85 162.400 Oklahoma City OK
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Stillwater WFO Norman
WNG654 162.500 Stillwater OK
from Stillwater Weather *WRO*
Tulsa WFO Tulsa
KIH27 162.550 Tulsa OK
from Elijah Hamilton *WRO*
Eugene WFO Portland
KEC42 162.400 Eugene OR
from EugeneWeather.Net *3P-SSL*
Harrisburg WFO State College
WXL40 162.550 Harrisburg PA
from Cumberland Valley Weather*WRO*
Hibernia Park WFO Mount Holly
WNG704 162.425 Hibernia Park PA
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Philadelphia WFO Mount Holly
KIH28 162.475 Philadelphia PA
from Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia *3P-SSL*
Pittsburgh WFO Coraopolis
KIH35 162.550 Pittsburgh PA
from Antonio C. *WRO*
Wilkes-Barre WFO Binghamton
WXL43 162.550 Wilkes-Barre PA
from MikeyMs Thornhurst PA Weather *3P-SSL*
Beaufort WFO Charleston
WXJ23 162.450 Beaufort SC
from Beaufort County Sheriffs Office *3P-SSL*
Lead WFO Rapid City
WXL23 162.525 Lead SD
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Rapid City WFO Rapid City
WXM63 162.550 Rapid City SD
from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology *3P-SSL*
Chattanooga WFO Morristown
WXK48 162.550 Chattanooga TN
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast MRX
Hickman WFO Old Hickory
WXN74 162.500 Hickman TN
from Courtesy of 'Ethan' *WRO*
Jackson WFO Memphis
WXK60 162.550 Jackson TN
from NexusFox Weather Center*WRO*
Knoxville WFO Morristown
WXK46 162.475 Knoxville TN
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast MRX
La Follette WFO Morristown
WNG732 162.450 La Follette TN
from NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast MRX
Nashville WFO Old Hickory
KIG79 162.550 Nashville TN
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Shelbyville WFO Old Hickory
WXK63 162.475 Shelbyville TN
from Cannon Severe Wx *3P-SSL*
Smoky Mountains WFO
WNWS Smoky Mountains na
from Smoky Mountains — NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast MRX
TN Tri-Cities Area WFO
WNWS TN Tri-Cities Area na
from TN — Tri-Cities — NOAA Direct Audio — Forecast MRX
Abilene WFO San Angelo
WXK29 162.400 Abilene TX
from texasbrigade *3P-SSL*
Amarillo WFO Amarillo
WXK38 162.550 Amarillo TX
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Austin WFO New Braunfels
WXK27 162.400 Austin TX
from Jax duPreez *WRO*
Big Spring WFO Midland
WXK37 162.475 Big Spring TX
from Surge Energy *WRO*
Bryan WFO Dickinson
WXK30 162.550 Bryan TX
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Corpus Christi WFO Corpus Christi
KHB41 162.550 Corpus Christi TX
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Dallas WFO Fort Worth
KEC56 162.400 Dallas TX
from PlanoWeather.com *WRO*
Galveston WFO Dickinson
KHB40 162.550 Galveston TX
from Stephen D *WRO*
Gilmer WFO Shreveport
KWN32 162.425 Gilmer TX
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Palestine WFO Fort Worth
KWN34 162.450 Palestine TX
from Doc Deason *WRO*
San Angelo WFO San Angelo
WXK33 162.550 San Angelo TX
from KD5HIA Net *SH-SSL*
Tomball WFO Dickinson
KGG68 162.400 Tomball TX
from duPreez *WRO*
Tyler WFO Shreveport
WXK36 162.475 Tyler TX
from Tyler Texas Weather *WRO*
Waco WFO Fort Worth
WXK35 162.475 Waco TX
from Heart of Texas Weather *3P-SSL*
Fredericksburg WFO Sterling
WZ2527 162.425 Fredericksburg VA
from University of Mary Washington *3P-SSL*
Manassas WFO Sterling
KHB36 162.550 Manassas VA
from Clifton VA Weather *WRO*
Norfolk WFO Wakefield
KHB37 162.550 Norfolk VA
from City of Williamsburg *3P-SSL*
Roanoke WFO Blacksburg
WXL60 162.475 Roanoke VA
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Richland WFO Pendleton
WWF56 162.450 Richland WA
from Hayden M *WRO*
Seattle WFO Seattle
KHB60 162.550 Seattle WA
from Gabriel Mc GWES-EAS Relay Network *SH-SSL*
Green Bay WFO Green Bay
KIG65 162.550 Green Bay WI
from De Pere Weather *WRO*
Menomonie WFO Chanhassen
WXJ88 162.400 Menomonie WI
from Anonymous *3P-SSL*
Milwaukee WFO Sullivan
KEC60 162.400 Milwaukee WI
from Root Creek Weather *3P-SSL*
Wausau WFO Green Bay
WXJ89 162.475 Wausau WI
from Rob S *WRO*
Wausaukee WFO Green Bay
WNG553 162.400 Wausaukee WI
from Athelstane Weather *WRO*
Winona WFO La Crosse
KGG95 162.425 Winona WI
from The Cold Front *WRO*
Lander WFO Riverton
WXM61 162.475 Lander WY
from Kirk B. *3P-SSL*
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