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EDD is an EXPERIMENTAL NWS platform. Please allow enough time to load! This is a 'heavy' page.
Some or all features may not always be available, or perform on your device.

Radio transmission courtesy of NOAA or Environment Canada.
Audio from personal weather website owners and others though NOAAWEATHERRADIO.org.

This Audio Stream Player should not be used for protection of life or property.

Please remember that you should NOT rely on this Internet audio to receive watches or warnings. This stream player may serve as a proactive resource - a "pre-alert" preparation tool.

You should have your own dedicated NOAA or Environment Canada Weather Radio receiver which will alert you 24 hours a day with appropriate audio and/or visual outputs.

When seconds may count!

The audio may have a buffer delay as long as thirty seconds, plus any provider, network, or local stream delays. A small number of streams are 'Not Live' but recorded forecast statements from specific Weather Forecast Offices, such as NHC, MIA, MRX, etc. Such audio may not serve as an authoritative source for immediate impact warnings or advisories. In some events, such as Tornado Warnings, Network and other delays of several seconds may change your status from "Safe" to "Not Safe".

Additionally, a stream may be offline for various reasons when you may need it the most.
It is "best practice" to always rely on NOAA/EC receivers with battery back-up.

If you are interested in providing a NOAA/EC WR stream, please see the "How To?" page.

The NOAA/EC Radio player scripts suite was developed by: Chappelleweather.com
with mods by:  Clifton Virginia Weather,  SE Lincoln Weather, and  Saratoga-weather.org
This Version, Adaptation, and Eye Candy by: FrankfortWeather.US for the NOAA Weather Radio Org Team